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Shape the future of commerce, wherever you are

Shopify is rewriting the rules of the modern economy. If you believe in the power of commerce and thrive on problem solving at scale, we want you to join our team.

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What we do

Powering over 1.7 million businesses worldwide

Shopify is a platform built for independent business owners to start and scale their businesses online, in-store, and everywhere in between. Since 2006, we’ve grown to 7000 employees, who are building the tools to help merchants generate over 200 billion in sales in 175 countries.

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Why Shopify

Make an impact

At Shopify, we’re crafting tools for merchants to shape the future of commerce on a global stage. Solve cutting edge problems of growth, scale, and usability. Or build the tools that will resonate with the next generation of designers. No matter your craft, you’ll have the opportunity to master it for your own—and our merchants’—growth.

Work anywhere

We hire where you are

More than just the freedom to work wherever, our digital by design approach is about new ways to collaborate and build together.

  • An internet allowance
  • A Shopify community to support you
  • Working time on your terms
  • Internal teams focused on process and tools
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How we hire

Let's make it about you

From what gets you out of bed in the morning to your (professional) bucket list, our Life Story interview approach was designed to cover all the things a resume just won't account for.

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We are hiring at events everywhere, all the time

Learn more about the work you could do at Shopify. Dive deeper into what our teams are building, how they’re building it, and why.

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Who we are

Our team spirit looks like entrepreneurial spirit

We’re astrophysicists, aspiring chefs, parents, salsa dancers—and we channel that range into building a world where entrepreneurship for everyone is more possible than it’s ever been.

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How we work

Grow together

No magic went into the success of Shopify. We’re here because we work hard and stay curious. Because of this, we make it possible for everyone at Shopify to keep learning and share their knowledge with others. That’s how we’re building an antifragile Shopify: a company that grows because of uncertainty, not in spite of it.

Shopify employee working on a couch

As technologists, we are fortunate to have such highly sought-after skills. Shopify is where I can ask, 'how am I making the world a better place?'

—Kiana Mohseni (@kianamohseni), Director of Engineering, Channels

Our Mission

Reshape commerce into a force for good

We help people achieve independence by making it easier to start, run, and grow a business. That’s why working with customer support is such a key part of our onboarding process—to help you understand our merchants’ struggles, care deeply, and commit to their success.

It’s meaningful work that has contributed billions to worldwide economic activity. The individual impact we’ve made on people’s lives, though? Impossible to quantify. Hear it for yourself.

Let's make commerce better for everyone

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